domingo, junho 16, 2019

queixa crime contra google and blogger

continuam e aumentam crimes de impedimento e de codigos maliciosos na aplicaçao, cada vez mais esforços criminosos fazem para esconder o mais rapidamente possivel as mensagens anteriores, como diversas vezes vos tenho feito prova, estes filhos da puta controlam reel time os settings ( os caralhos dos filhos da puta terroristas da OA) da aplicação

quero estes filhos da puta presos!

mais uma horas de escravidão a corrigir minimamente o post anterior e mais uma vez como visivel num paragrafo quase no fim existe um codigo que não aparece como visivel sobre a formatação geralemente metodos criminosos para depois apagarem e adulterarem


First some announcement bombs, done by some sequences on hammers

Then, at the end of the morning some had enter quickly and noise the building, they enter the apartment above my room, a lot of noise, like passing or retiring cables in the middle of the walls or by holes that allow them to pass cables and possible other spying equipment’s, namely, profiting the false walls and ceilings on this apartment, one of the mans had descend  by the stairs to another floor under and again mounted in the same way with a large hand bag, what seems a pass or  a suggesting  like saying that someone under had still, a very democratic and constant act in these Nazi reality that we are all sharing.

Of course, as convenient, still seems had some works on an upper floor or perhaps a disguise to take or put new spying equipment, or other equipment’s like to control sleep time, to inject substances that provoke pains or put victims to sleep, a very democratic and constant act in these Nazi reality.

More strange as I gave recently account in video, the pass on Publico online act by the Nazi and criminal PT PM, António Costa and the real fact here in the same apartment after not far away reevoking facts concerning the constant for some large months noises on the metallic tensors and furniture in a very complex international contexts as usual during more than 10 years of this international conspiracy.

More strange and clear Nazism signal, is the fact as I remember once again, and perhaps I will repeat until the end of the world, by  republished a document from October last year, title, Brexit  in this blog, here I proof again the active participation in this crime of international conspiracy of the PT PM and PR PT and as usual in this Nazi world, nothing happens, they do not need to answer as Nazis, charged by me as also participation of the robber of my son, or even his death, because I do not know nothing of him from 2007.
At the other bottom of the same new order Nazi plan, I just share to you al, the fact if true, and this is part of the Nazi business plan, peoples never know exactly what is true, mystification and, or, illusions to promote the Nazi reality, institutions, like a Great Britain University have been robber in all a research for years on international acts of terrorism that are integrant part of the new world Nazi reality as always have been when the global disease arise in the world.

Universities are centres that gather peoples that researcher important questions, that use scientific methods to solve questions, and live among other similar institutions each one with their field of research, and if true this news, what this translate to all?

If they had inform on this MNS news they were studying for years acts of terrorism in the world, that grow and acquire new qualities in disturbed times within the surplus of what is today different in the life of the three generations that share the same time in each cycle, this says first, that this matter is real, had importance and his dangerous for many or to all.

This news if true, also translate that even the sector of knowledge on the society are not able to protect they one information and process of communication in safety basis, and if is like this for “Intelligence“ groups that also by the gather of generations are expected to be able to deal proper with these questions of the so call society of communication or information, or even knowledge, this also translate for the rest of society, groups, and individual, the gravity if these questions on today’ live or health conditions, or even in the estimation of accounts an public accounts and debts namely to Europe or to Martians in divorce situations.

If true the news, this also state that there is organized battle concerning information, and knowledge concerning this new order Nazi plan that we all are sharing after 911 in the four corner of the world, just, because all was robber and is a very large group or peoples by what was show on the photo that illustrate the news as comment, and also as usual in this international conspiracy, seems have a surplus of possible narrative intention or purpose, in the sense as I define in the comment, had a kind of  Harry Porter “tone”, a theme that is again on the table by some facts enough to understand the importance at least of what is disguise behind, because Harry Porter first of all if a remember well, aside Obscures todays more recently metaphor, is a story and a movie and is also a metaphor of the real live itself. In brief, the possible hidden values are, ladies, dress, horses and rages of horses, (“empinados” as we say in Portuguese), ids, semen of horses, regions of tsunamis and 911.
Also if true this point the existence of an intention and criminal facts of covering what can be deductible be a large conjunct of documents on facts and analyses concerning different acts of terror worldwide in the sense that the news inform that they had stole years of work, each means, who have done it, is probably connected with them, and, or, with an intention of cover terror acts.

See citizens any straight answers concerning putting an end to this daily basis survivance where all is robber in total impunity?

No, what we see from states and actors, or politicians, are soaps and covers, and if true, the public debt on Great Britain will raise some large billions in the going out of Europe, where she never has been first of all because is an island
As I had spent my free time within this crime of slavery, the existence of public debts in countries seems for me already a very bizarre fact, as for instance, individuals and companies that are the basis of the state itself by the taxes, if have debts in regular basis or trough some of time, normally they close business.

Loans implies always complex square of regular dependences in time, sometimes like some marriages, a well define plan,  good investments plans and good execution, that also depend on the existence of favourable conditions, like good laws and political practices, at small scale, like in a territory or  country, or at global scale that by the change of the world itself is indeed had become an axiomatic question and problem for all the countries.
As again I state in a recent video comment that emerge form a very peculiar image act by Chancellor Angela Merkel that had reflect a key image and theme namely in my writing on princess Diana assassination, I’m refereeing to the parts already published of my manuscript, “The Cat Without Head” or in a more open sense, a child with a cut head, like the one in the arms of Our Lady in the actual Foreigner Affairs chapel, Europe project and reality is a neo-colonialist act from few of the most powerful country in Europe against others, and this is prove by the simples fact that many of European countries within the European community space, had huge public debts that arisen one day for another, and this is a way to perpetuate Europe Itself, which means, the political directories and their political intentions, by other slavery words, if you do not obey me anymore, I will put you in loans interests obligations chains for all a generation

It is not my competence or function to know in detail the situation of each European country in the last 10 to 12 years of this Nazi reality, and this kind of knowledge and information normally do not appear on this virtual Nazi reality of MSN and similes,  and if is available in some of specialized press and medias, as I have discuss long years ago in fine detail, the way that this kind of information is deal, is mostly done in ways that, in practical terms do not allow the comprehension of peoples, and this is done by two main reasons, with an intention of incomprehension to maintain peoples blind over these questions,  and also in part, for “lack of a good translation” that allow peoples to understand money and correlatives questions.

This example is just one of many that translates, the global failure of all political system based in models as we know them for the last centuries and if you do not change the political model, death will arrive to all in this planet.
However must I remember for example that already within the time line of this crime of international conspiracy, Germany as good pupil or bad thief of perhaps more fair to say, both, have solve a 6 million  unemployment problem, which means, this is a fact, that prove by itself that some countries gain in this Nazi project of Europe.

Is this not true, chancellor Angel Merkel?
It is also not true that we all see in television, you side by side with one of Germany auto companies giving as a gift a Porche Cheyenne to Durão Barroso at the time is was president of the European commission, what lead me to ask, Why and to paid what favours if ones and I still as all without answers others, that perhaps what can be deducted from some diagonal not explicit statement at the time of the process done by the workers of commission against the first one, saying Juncker, that was a know fact that Durão Barroso was a lobbyist man?

What precisely this term means in criminal contours, no answers also to this seems miner question on the European sweet criminal lideres and their conscience and values if ones.

150 thousand euros  and not 30 000, as I recently reevoke on under recent published video on these facts memories, (30 000  contos de reis, old Portuguese currency that correspond more or less to 150 000 euros), pay to Cavaco Silva at the time of his PT PM functions by Bertelsmann, a German editor for contributions for the European project, Cavaco, that as I also recall in the same video, apparently by what is know in public space of communication, is his wife that wrote the speeches to him, and nerveless, one of the three reforms that he received according what is accounted on the same video, come from the fact that is was also teacher at the catholic university in Lisbon, the other come from the national bank and the third other from the public functions of president, sums if true, 49 500 euros monthly, a man that is implied at least in the robber of my son and this crime of slavery and torture against me.
As I stated long time ago, this payment seems by the facts hereby summarized a cover for other payments, and of course no one have answer this.

Is this not true, Chancellor Angela Merkel?
What is also true is aside these payments from Germany to both, is the fact that Durão as know is a political pupil of Cavaco and I suppose this say all. The other pupil, Santana Lopes, that as accounted recently by what was told to e had a strange car accident, a man that was also PM just for  a kind of vacation periods, a parliamentary, a man that was living half time in down building before the beginning of this crime against me and my son, a man that make illusion politics comment at SIC in the many times quoted program “ circulo do quadrado”

I’m writing this part of this text day 14 06 2019 at 16:25 PM at Lisbon and some minutes before I published at two of my blogs a text with a recurrent title, “Crimes at the absence of your lips”, and before yesterday I saw the baby face candidate as I call him at the absence of memory of his name, saying that he also had put his name to the leadership of the conservative party, a strange briefly statement to cameras on MSN that seem hidden other perceptions, saying that he would launch a contest of ideas, a old political concept that was robber from me many decades ago by the socialists as another one, that they call as image of their methods , “Estados Gerais”, an expression a little bit tone of military things, an idea that sustain first of all that parties must understand civil reality, not only their militants, and must have the doors open to them, to the criticis and ideas, a stolen concept because was a good way to gather more naïve white cheeps supporters and to promote the robber of a  lot of political ideas that they use in the electoral never ending promises that they call political programs, and squaring this at GB level, must I ask if , by the content of baby face candidate above referred statement if is referring to Blair.

(A quoted image on recent video comment, just after the elections if remember well, reference on Microsoft criminal proprieties , 29 05 2019, MSN, where Blair in tv speaks about the coming of the 4 technological revolution or something in the kind, the joint values of both emotional expression if true and between them at this point of events I suppose is easily to understand and support the reading that Blair had lie and Corbin know, or, MSN in this ways try to build this perception of values)

And the main question still the same, crimes, and crimes and crimes every day on life of millions.
Ideas I suppose that exist more then enough and good, what them is missing?

The ability due criminal compromises to take decisions and real implement them and supervise of what is done and if done according with the decisions and process that answer the real constant evolution in the sense that reality some time tend to change.

A wise being if face of someone the lead others or have the pretension to lead others, will be always very careful to not catch the same disease, as wise peoples know very well how difficult is to lead themselves, that is almost an impossibility to lead others at the same time, and usually peoples that lead or pretend to lead others, for a side, seems have lack of comprehension of human nature by itself and by other side concerning the practical acts and results seem more a disguise of the hidden purpose of being served by many, and bottom line all and each one at a certain point enters in own coffin without any kind of money, propriety, or power in their hands or pockets.
Leading and being pedagogical or teaching is not impose our will to other, and wise hearts in love will know always that guiding is something that first of all is an act of love, that we can point to someone the options or show the way that we see a certain picture, but the eyes of the other are always different from ours, we can speak about ours steps but the other have his own foots and is own unique way to walk,  and the way that we eventually learn to see or learn how to walk, depend one each one will and time and in his relation with life itself, that enlarge also by this nature our responsibility in front of others.
Be lider also implies or translate,  be endorse by more then himself, and this give a kind of extra power, that each one if not well prepared and if in lack of  attention to himself, to his acts , and to the others, acts that take and need always time, can easily became abuse of powers over other, all contrary to the nature of love and helping done and within love itself, as someone said in the past, don’t give them the fish, better and more intelligent to learn them how to be good fisherman’s and of course in actual modern black times, also act for instance to provide more clean water to assure the existence of the fish itself, at the end, we need them until now to no starve to death
Wise and gentle peoples when see one, some times ask themselves in the bottom of their heart, but they do not have any to kiss or families to care or business to do, and sometimes imagining , if to have a company, we need parties and parliaments kind of optional houses with speakers that dress so strange in olive kind of tone ties, did we be able to produce something or any kind of income?
If take time and energy to lead ourselves, leading more than one consumes even more, as mothers and fathers know in their live if not subject to Nazi crimes where child’s are stolen to obtain their slavery, and I have invested my time in this crime, for a side, explaining what is wrong in the party systems, that became states inside the state itself and large gangs spread by all the territory with large number of members some times bigger than regular army’s, as by other side, I try to explaining how different political gestion can be done, and as usual, I did not listen any contradictory.
When going out of the building, Amilcar was entering at the same time in a way that seems for me, obliged for someone, in the atrium, I again ask him about the plocs on the floor that I listened again during the anterior veil, he replay the same, that did not came from is house, what seems for me impossible, unless they have for instance, a system of small and many audio speakers inside my false ceiling system that activate and  make those kind of sound in relation to my movement and position in the living room, because these plocs, are a kind of interaction with my movements and above the place that I’m at each moment, sometimes, there are more stronger noises as many times accounted, like some one dropping a bag of rocks of the floor, once or twice, like someone can do this hen arriving home, like kids that today’s transports too much height in the bags as not far away seem proved, in this society that maintains and had amplified restrictions even to child’s, as before this restrictive subtle mechanism was only applies mainly to woman’s,  by these ways without even care about  health,  small details in the paradise turn each day more in inferno that become the life in great cities in democratic, and bla bla, countries where new trend as seen, is child’s killing between themselves with knifes at the image chairs of feminine Thrones made also by knifes in a undefined for me TV series or whatever.
Perhaps some will remember that, mechanism, hereby in last paragraph used word, have recent enigmatic senses as accounted, in Expresso cover in the same edition where Antonio Guterres appeared saying that I had to obey to the Turkic president and on title above, a man of the undefined mechanism of the Haia court.
Perhaps some will remember also that same years ago appeared on the DN or Publico a very large apparently complementary article about a undefined at my comprehension gift or present as one, defined, as a kind of mechanism made or done or given by peoples from the other side of the Atlantic, and this is again constellated as usual by audio crimes, not the ones above referred, but a very recurrent well target sound that some time appears on the audio track of my videos when I’m recording on the living room, that seems come from the false ceiling, a kind of water rock movement as it was used on ancient wind system to made bread, what in Portuguese we call, Pedra de Mós,  stone to grind the corner grains, as audible again down level and cut in some frequencies in one of the most recent videos, reference, in two points of the timeline, as just before I stated  that in previous one they cut this sound from the sound track, which leads me to ask, why so much effort concerning the register of this precise sound? The sound that I heard is very clear louder and crispy, not as the in-part erase or adulterated on the video.

(one of previous approached photo included on Amateur Photographer)

By other side, Stone to grind, ou Pedra de Mós, is also constellated by other facts , that came for large decades ago as recently approached, I’m referring the image of the white sleeping dress or negligee and the snake above a large grind stone near the water, which means themes within Thrones, empty chair Thrones, empty design chairs, sexual lecher crimes, and body floating in waters with this garments, a multiple variation in time, as you can understand by my documents,  and the eventually real correspondence with death of ladies, as described in the recent analyse of the Photographer amateur from 71 or around.
This is very strange in the possible fact’s addition. Is this sound that they do here for years integrant part of these narratives’ constructions from, or, a least based on documents from 71 or year around, specially if we sub add, the other gathered values on this theme, that extend the question to 911 facets passing by Australia.

Turkic was also for some days on the table, by one immediately stolen news that I gave the oral account, a marriage apparently in the presidential Turkic family,  the smiling boy, I  suppose the fiancée, showing to us in the image a  very large white ceramic boot, that if you see in reverse, is also another form that is in the table, the toilette and by extension the values of this very complex pass prepared for many during years with this piece of furniture that again for this reason, I was obliged to repeat in a syncretic way. Unfortunately  what I did not see was the beautiful perhaps a little sad or worry blue eyes of a lady that call is lover in a bath in the middle of a mountain, and brings or direct him and his horse , or even another young lady with long dark hair that have been focus by Portuguese tv with a certain undefined purpose at my eyes during a visit of Erasmus at the bandit mor at time Cavaco Silva presidency occupied Belem palace, that seems for me can be Turkish, as all this in sake of love and the beauty of ladies is accounted in my book of life.

When returning home, this same day, a young man with a lap top on the back of a white modern horse with two wheels, I started speaking to him, have you problems in your office or something in the kind, we present to me as English that seems live here two buildings downs, I deduce preparade lecture about robber of post and videos must I suppose, at the end, he looks to me with is glass and his bear in a particular position that seems at the instance, the candidate whatever, Corbin bears, like suggesting in this way that the product robber goes to this party, that fit in a recent lecture during the last week Brexit soap episode as approached in video comment, at the same time, online in channel 9 of Microsoft, a boy in a décor with two computers and some large post its behind one and a cable, seems tell to me indirectly, that perhaps they know the existence of a second Wi fi transmitter or splitter, that by the scenography elements seems then be above my black desk at my office. Before what seems, the complementary line, of MC approached in recent text, a Clare, or similar name, and Alcantara or from Alcantara, and a cable, build trough auto advertising, not in James Bond car, but the concurrence, Mc Claren, a minimalist one inside nerveless as the man say, digital inside, strange formulation for a motor that still runs on petrol.
With pains and abnormal sleep as you all can see these terrorists entertain myself in this Nazi labyrinth crime, and no one answer me about my stolen son from 2007, neither any visible act of common justice, only illusions of justice and responsibilities these by this undefined ways always tend  to promote more fights, pains and blood for many like a play of shadows as it is in large part the Nazi reality.
This is a crime complaint under the condition that determine my criminal accusations from the end of the month April this year
Lisbon 16 06 2019
Paulo forte