domingo, junho 30, 2019


depois de um tiro numa fugaz passagem de taxi numa esquina do mais agradavel, fancy e caro café das redondezas onde se pesa o cafe digitalmente, uns belos cabelos solares sentados olhando de dentro o fora, como se esperasse o amor, assim suspira um rapaz perante a beleza fugaz de longos e finos cabelos  sentada numa posição onde o braço era como uma almofada, como se deitada estivesse no esplendor de uma relva macia e orvalhada de doçuras mil

30062019 a shoot on one of my chariot tires

Brief synopses video 30 06 2019

To whom I’m publishing this videos, in the sense that for instance when I try to embed a url reference of a video upload to youtube, in Word, the video do not appear, are my videos in a clone Youtube?

A shoot in one of my chariot tires
The Chinese form of the Ruddick cube variation
A polish matter first of all in his root
The correlation between this form as previous comment with the chariot Aki tires
The recent MSN input on Johnny Deep house at the old electric factory, Tesla and other robbers
The recent prepared soft cut these fuckers have done in one of my tyres, the established correlations, the vases and the rotation of vases, as explained before
The air pump in gas station Av, Ceuta, this morning, the pass with water
The shoot at calvarium in a place quoted on book of life
The values of the news of the terrorist of SIC this morning at Kali coffee
The two key images on PR trumps PR north Korea meeting
The fist, the third rack, the correlative value hereby at my home, an “anilha” of one of also missing wheel of the horse, a London theme, from 90 and before 911, as explained,  as the recent screw on the English closet as I call it, one, big wave representation
Some court news from America,