sábado, agosto 03, 2019

about the european criminal nazi liders and and other matters

as referred on the video, these nazis  thief's of child's do not respect nothing even my printed documents that I still have at my home, the email sent to Angela Merkel, referred, in the printed version, 12 08 2012, don't correspond the date, to the one that still published on my adulterated archive on my blog, and this are the ways that Nazis rebuild and cover they crimes.

As you can check by the link hereby


the referred and read in all email of a large serie of email sent to her in this year that did not had any answers, i do not find it for the moment on the archive of the blog, but you all can check some more sent to her:





of course the missing email reinforce the cover of the crime mentioned on it, and the eventual command of this crime by the portuguese corrupted authorities!

by this once more and constant crime, this is also a crime complaint against google, blogger, telecoms, carriers and eventually third unknow parts.

paulo forte, 03 08 2019