quinta-feira, agosto 29, 2019


last video hereby published that was also published at my main blog, ourosobreazul.blogspot.com

in this second and similar in content publication, I'm  referring the video, I add some word in Portuguese that made sense to me at the end o the recording, that I felt the need t stress.

here I publish also them

(deverei talvez dizer na minha lingua porventura mais fluente, que o problema não é tanto saber da informação que possuem,  mas da sempre capacidade de cada um em avalia-la, pelo seu conhecimento próprio)

at this moment, 02:48 AM in Lisbon, day 29 08 2019 I will add

a golden rule that I think applicable to all human activities, is when we are not sure about a question, the contours, the comprehension of the disposal pieces of information, and we do not know what to do, is advised and wise to wait, and do not rush, eve I we feel the urgence on a action, each also means, time and events unfold by them selves, and after a while we start understand what is the right answer or action.

of course this is a golden rule applied in right hearts and minds

and even if peoples get confused with the build in information's, if informations, we can considerer them, this do not contradict the second part of this axiom, time unfold events after human actions and even omissions.

this morning already at Lisbon, just a few minute before i open the msn and this two news pop to my eyes

they speak about rush, speed, the need for speed, the conquest  the affirmation of values, and machines and speedy machines , and the other news speaks about other ways to move in space without so many problems to all, can we all direct the urgency of speed to good purposes and stop killing ourselves and the planet ?

a beautiful death young lady with 36 years ...